Saturday, April 4, 2009

Troubleneck Brothers - Released (Compilation)

So I got a lot of good feedback from the Saukrates compilation, therefore I plan on continuing to up similar compilations.

Today I bring you The Troubleneck Brothers. The TNB crew were one of the first to develop that raw street hip-hop sound that we all love to hear. In 1992 they released their first and only LP, Fuck All Ya'll. Their first single, Troubleneck Wreck / Gusto, was released in 1993 on StepSun Music. This 12" showcased a completely different version of the track "Troubleneck Wreck" from the one included on their LP. A year later the crew released the Back to the Hip-Hop / Pure 12" which included multiple mixes of the title track "Back to the Hip-Hop." Also in 1994, the crew pushed their Release Me EP, which was a four-track mix released on vinyl and cassette. A year later, after the crew parted ways with StepSun Music, they released the Maintain 12" under the alias 36Zero on 862 Records. This would be the group's final release, and although they only had a short run, there is no doubt that they put their imprint on the underground scene.

The compilation I bring to you, Released, includes all of the material that the TNB released during this run. A bonus disc was added with different mixes, edits, instrumentals, and acappellas. The group's material is relatively hard to find so don't miss out on any opportunity to purchase any hard copies you come accross.

Troubleneck Brothers - Released

01. Troubleneck Wreck
02. Open Up the Gates
03. Suck My Dick
04. Fuck All Ya'll
05. Hoods Up Caps Down
06. Poets at War
07. Rockin In Harmony
08. Represent (Trouble Version)
09. Troubleneck Wreck (12" Version)
10. Gusto
11. Back to the Hip-Hop
12. Pure
13. Release Me
14. 85 Live
15. But I'm a Lax
16. 862
17. Maintain
18. Lyrical Jasun
19. Irocs


01. Live From Troubleneck Projects
02. Represent (Villain Version)
03. Back to the Hip-Hop (Tony T. Green Remix)
04. Back to the Hip-Hop (Classic Mix)
05. Back to the Hip-Hop (Old School Mix)
06. Back to the Hip-Hop (Album Radio Edit)
07. Back to the Hip-Hop (Instrumental)
08. Back to the Hip-Hop (Acappella)
09. Pure (Instrumental)
10. Pure (Acappella)
11. Maintain (Instrumental)
12. Outro

Comments are appreciated, Smoked Out Productions/Missin' Linx (Black Attack & Problemz) and Gauge the Mental Murderah compilations coming soon!! Feel free to make requests and I'll see what I can do.