Friday, May 1, 2009

Smoked Out Productions aka Missin' Linx - Puzzle Pieces (Compilation)

Continuing on, I finally bring to you the compilation of Smoked Out Productions (later known as Missin' Linx), which includes Black Attack, Problemz, and features Al' Tariq. This compilation was made to highlight the careers of Black and Problemz. A majority of the tracks on Puzzle Pieces were released between 1995 and 2000.

Black Attack (aka Sean Black) and Problemz were closely affiliated with The Beatnuts and DJ Honda. In 1995, "Neva B4," which was an alternate version of the 12" release "Styles," appeared on Echo Unltd. Underground Airplay Volume IV. This alternate version was a solo track performed by Problemz. Problemz also earned a spot on the Lyricist Lounge compilation with his insightful track "Society." In 1997, Black Attack's "My Crown" appeared on Rawkus Records' Soundbombing compilation. Black's "Verbal Attack" made its way on to DJ Babu's World Famous Beat Junkies Vol. 1 later that year.

The third member of the crew, Al' Tariq, was the most recognized of the members based on his 1996 solo release, God Connections. The album featured Black and Problemz on numerous tracks, as well as heavy production from The Beatnuts and No I.D.

Missing from Puzzle Pieces is the Missin' Linx crew's six-track EP, Exhibit A. Released in 2000, the album was laced with production from Necro, The Alchemist, and V.I.C., along with a feature from Freddie Foxxx on "Family Ties." Although shamefully short in length, the EP has remained a smooth listen from start to finish and is available at most online music stores.

In 2007, Al' Tariq, Problemz, and Psycho Les joined together as Big City to release The City Never Sleeps on Nature Sounds. To preview the album you can check their MySpace here:

Like the title of their 1998 single, Black Attack has been M.I.A. over the past year or two. However, Problemz has continued to work harder than ever, and with the helping hand of DJ Honda, he recently released his debut LP, All Killa No Filla. The album is available on iTunes and has already been receiving rave reviews.

Check out Problemz and cop his new album All Killa No Filla here:

S.O.P. aka Missin' Linx - Puzzle Pieces

01. Styles
02. Phases
03. My Crown
04. Sametime
05. Kill the Noize
06. Back Up Kid (That's What You Get)
07. Correct Technique
08. Fuk Dat
09. Blaze It Up
10. Aw Yeah
11. Holdin' It Down
12. Verbal Attack
13. Say What
14. Can't Be Stop
15. Rep Da R.I.
16. 5 Seconds
17. Around the Clock
18. Bok Bok
19. Who U Be