Monday, December 28, 2009

Idasa Tariq - Say Cheese EP (2010)

Brand new music from the Steel City Yorker, Idasa Tariq. This EP is features six new songs written, performed, and produced by Idasa. The second half previews six new soulful instrumentals that he produced.

Born in New York, now living in Pittsburgh, Idasa represents both cities well. As a regular on the hip-hop scene, he has been able to make great contributions to the resurgence of hip-hop in the city of Pittsburgh.

Check this EP out and watch for more music from Idasa Tariq in the first quarter of 2010!

01. On Top of the Mountain

02. Concrete Properties

03. Never Pays to Be the Good Guy
04. Breakin' the Cycle
05. Cosmo Chillin'
06. Blacksmith Application
07. Hummin' (Instrumental)
08. This Is What (Instrumental)
09. Soul Intro 1 (Intstrumental)
10. What Ya Say? (Instrumental)
11. Brief Intermission (Instrumental)
12. Dead Homies (Instrumental)


Monday, December 21, 2009

Mel-Man - The Mel-Man Delivers (1991)

Mel was recognized as a Pittsburgh hip-hop legend long before making his imprint on the game by co-producing with Dr. Dre from the mid-90s to early 2000s. Older heads acknowledge his involvement in the Hardcore Crew. Mel remained behind the scenes throughout much of his career. However, that didn't stop him from influencing two of the most influential producers in the history of hip-hop, Dr. Dre and RZA.

Mel-Man - The Melman Delivers (1991)
01. Intro-My 9 is to Load
02. The Hoe Shop

03. The Baby Ain't Mine
04. This is for Your Kicker
05. The Mel Man

06. MelFUNKtion

07. I Wanna Do Ya
08. Hard to Say Good Bye
09. Outro

Mel-Man - Knock 'Em Off (CD Single) (1993)
01. Knock 'Em Off
02. Wreck Shop

03. Fag Force
04. Knock 'Em Off (Instrumental)

Mel-Man - Rare Tracks and Radio Spots (199x)
01. Aftermath Session Snippet
02. The Crew Got Paid
03. WPTS Exclusive

04. WRCT Nightshift (Spring 1994)

Stilltown Vol. 1

Brand new music from the hip-hop producers and emcees of Pittsburgh, PA.

Artwork by James Acklin @

01. Jack Wilson - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Prod. by SPAED)

02. Reverrb - Here You Go, Kiddo (Prod. by 2 Deep Productions)
03. Shindiggaz - GI Joe (Prod. by DJ Thermos)
04. Divine Seven - Str8 From the Heart
05. Jon Quest - Emcee University (Prod. by Shade Cobain)
06. B-FreeDaMisfit - In the Sunshine

07. Ayatollah Jaxx - Nothing Like You Ever Heard (Prod. by Chim Beats)
08. Apex - Get Ready (Prod. by Ulliversal)
09. Living Proofe - Be (Prod. by Nice Rec)
10. Idasa Tariq - Blacksmith Application (Prod. by Idasa Tariq)
11. Billy Pilgrim & Reverrb - Regardless

12. Lone Catalysts feat. Mood - Beware
13. Jev the Ghost - Open the Door (Prod. by Vills)
14. Internal Korruption - Get Out (Prod. by Internal Korruption)
15. Davu - Get Loose (Prod. by Shade Cobain)

16. Gene Stovall & Armstead Brown - Remote Control (Prod. by Armstead Brown)
17. Good Company - Might Not Make It (Prod. by Fundamental)
18. Divine Seven - Reachin' (Prod. by Shade Cobain)
19. Shindiggaz - Ninja Turtles (Prod. by DJ Thermos)
20. Jack Wilson feat. Billy Pilgrim & Deric Norgren - Meets His Speaker
21. Jasiri X - Silent Night

Apex - Struggle City out now!!
Jack Wilson - Take the Fire From My Hand out now!!
Jasiri X - American History X out now!!
Living Proofe - Wake Up World out now!!
Divine Seven & Ayatollah Jaxx as Black Connection out now!!
Divine Seven - Introspect the LP coming soon!!
Ayatollah Jaxx - Hello, Hip-Hop coming soon!!
Idasa Tariq - Smiling Face 1.2 coming soon!!
Lone Catalysts - Back to School/Square Binizz coming soon!!

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Friday, December 18, 2009

Almighty - God Willing (1998)

Almighty is 2Gz, Slim Kapone, Uncle Buck, and Nina Ross

Straight out of Pittsburgh, PA, this is Almighty's album God Willing. The majority of the album was produced by Sekou Coleman, with additional production from Mista Yuck and DJ Prizm.

01. Da Koroner
02. P.G.H. (2Gz solo)

03. My Family
04. Steel Curtain
05. Anywayz

06. Let Em Fly
07. Feel Me (Slim Kapone solo)

08. Games
09. Squab
10. Turn It Out
11. Smok 'Em All
12. Day of Judgement

13. P.G.H. Roll Call



DJ Demonic - Demonica EP (1995)

Another one out of my hometown, Pittsburgh, PA. This EP by DJ Demonic was released in '95 and includes four dope cuts.

01. Snakes in My Hood
02. Demonica
03. Last Nite

04. About to Kill Somebody

Family Orientated - On the Rocks (2000)

Family Orientated are from Pittsburgh, PA, more specifically McKees Rocks. The album is titled On the Rocks, and I believe it was their 1st.

01. Intro
02. Where My Niggaz At
03. Shinin'
04. It's All Love

05. Jakes
06. Beautiful
07. Straight Wylin'
08. We Dem Burgh Catz
09. Why We Livin' Like Dis
10. Doggin' U
11. Stand Up
12. Live By, Die By
13. The Meal
14. Starting Lineup
15. Scared
16. Hold It Down
17. Ring Around the Hood
18. Eye 4 An Eye
19. Outro