Monday, December 21, 2009

Stilltown Vol. 1

Brand new music from the hip-hop producers and emcees of Pittsburgh, PA.

Artwork by James Acklin @

01. Jack Wilson - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah (Prod. by SPAED)

02. Reverrb - Here You Go, Kiddo (Prod. by 2 Deep Productions)
03. Shindiggaz - GI Joe (Prod. by DJ Thermos)
04. Divine Seven - Str8 From the Heart
05. Jon Quest - Emcee University (Prod. by Shade Cobain)
06. B-FreeDaMisfit - In the Sunshine

07. Ayatollah Jaxx - Nothing Like You Ever Heard (Prod. by Chim Beats)
08. Apex - Get Ready (Prod. by Ulliversal)
09. Living Proofe - Be (Prod. by Nice Rec)
10. Idasa Tariq - Blacksmith Application (Prod. by Idasa Tariq)
11. Billy Pilgrim & Reverrb - Regardless

12. Lone Catalysts feat. Mood - Beware
13. Jev the Ghost - Open the Door (Prod. by Vills)
14. Internal Korruption - Get Out (Prod. by Internal Korruption)
15. Davu - Get Loose (Prod. by Shade Cobain)

16. Gene Stovall & Armstead Brown - Remote Control (Prod. by Armstead Brown)
17. Good Company - Might Not Make It (Prod. by Fundamental)
18. Divine Seven - Reachin' (Prod. by Shade Cobain)
19. Shindiggaz - Ninja Turtles (Prod. by DJ Thermos)
20. Jack Wilson feat. Billy Pilgrim & Deric Norgren - Meets His Speaker
21. Jasiri X - Silent Night

Apex - Struggle City out now!!
Jack Wilson - Take the Fire From My Hand out now!!
Jasiri X - American History X out now!!
Living Proofe - Wake Up World out now!!
Divine Seven & Ayatollah Jaxx as Black Connection out now!!
Divine Seven - Introspect the LP coming soon!!
Ayatollah Jaxx - Hello, Hip-Hop coming soon!!
Idasa Tariq - Smiling Face 1.2 coming soon!!
Lone Catalysts - Back to School/Square Binizz coming soon!!

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R. said...

Therm said...

@R - You're kickass for putting this together.

Therm said...

I'm having trouble getting the DL to work - tried it two times and was only able to get the first 6 tracks. Can you up an alternate link?

R. said...

You're the second person that had a problem like that... I downloaded it and it was fine. Here's another link though... if this doesn't work, let me know and I'll upload it to a different filesharing site.

R. said...

R. said...

Here is a seperate link for track 6 alone:

Some people have been having problems with that track using the first link...