Sunday, March 29, 2009

Saukrates - Caught Up In Canada (12" Compilation)

For those that are familiar with Saukrates, you know what it is. Those that don't, you have been missing out on one of the illest MC's of the '90s. Coming out of Toronto, Canada, Saukrates never really had the push needed for mainstream success, but on the underground scene he was steadily releasing hit after hit since '94. Many of these singles are nearly impossible to find in these days and times, but his 1996 release, Brick House EP, is still available at record shops online. He also released The Underground Tapes Pt. 1 & 2 in 1999, which included some random unreleased material.

With that being said, I gathered all of his releases prior to those on The Underground Tapes and compiled them into one incredible album that showcases Saukrates in what I believe to be his prime. No instrumentals, acapellas, or edits (unless they are the only version available) are included in this mix. All of the remixes included in the mix are official remixes, many of which were released as b-sides to the original track. Check below for the tracklist, leave comments, and support the artist!

Check out new material from Saukrates here:

Caught Up In Canada
01. Still Caught Up
02. Skillz ta Thrill
03. Father Time
04. Hate Runs Deep
05. Get Touched
06. Kalifornia
07. Play Dis
08. Rollin'
09. P's and Q's
10. Action
11. Still Caught Up (Remix)
12. Father Time (Remix)
13. Hate Runs Deep (Remix)
14. Play Dis (Remix)
15. Rollin' (Remix)
16. Action (Remix)
17. Keep It Movin' (Remix)

If the tracks show up out of order, then arrange them by track number.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Armstead Brown - Fieldwork

J. Armstead Brown's debut album, Fieldwork, from 2007. Brown handles the majority of the production and spits on one track, it features many of Pittsburgh's finest MC's as well as some dope New York veterans (Subcon, The Dugout). Brown, along with host/MC Thelonious Stretch, producer/sound designer Shade Cobain, and DJ Huggy, are the creators of Rhyme Calisthenics. Rhyme Cal is a highly regarded MC Competition that showcases and develops local MC's. For those in the Pittsburgh area, you can see Armstead Brown and Shade Cobain as part of the live band, Hambone Jenkins, as well as many of Pittsburgh's other great artists at the Shadow Lounge every Tuesday for the Human Nature Open Mic, hosted by Yah Lioness.

1. One Hitter Quitter feat. The Dugout
2. Fire
3. Fieldwork feat. Subconscious
4. Boroughs feat. Thelonius Stretch
5. The Pushback feat. Staff Ace
6. Get Over feat. Mercury, Cavalier, Thelonius Stretch, Gene Jive (vocals), Sean Jones (trumpet), DJ Huggy (bass), & Daru Jones (drums)
7. Get Down feat. SMI, Thelonius Stretch, BZE, & Krukud
8. Oh! feat. Thelonius Stretch, Big Snook, & Gene Jive
9. Interlude (prod. by Kai Roberts)
10. Free Love feat. Mercury & Starpower
11. Party Lo feat. Big Snook
12. The Buzz
13. Something Wicked feat. Yah Lioness
14. Need I Say More? feat. Prophecy
15. Hardcore Headz feat. DJ Supa C of Formula 412
16. Kangaroos (produced and performed by Shade Cobain)
17. Revolution feat. Thelonius Stretch & Gene Jive (prod. by Shade Cobain)

Check him out here:
Listen to the album and cop it here:

Strict Flow - Without Further Ado

Strict Flow's debut album, Without Further Ado, released in 2003. Strict Flow consists of MC's Masai Turner and Sied. Masai is now down with Formula 412, whose album I will post soon, and Sied now goes by Pittsburgh Slim. Production is by Chad and E. Dan. The duo now owns ID Labs, which is one of the premier recording studios in Pittsburgh. E. Dan is also one of the illest producers around the way, both him and Chad played a major part in the jump-off of Wiz Khalifa. Back in the late '90s-early 2000s Strict Flow were regarded as the dopest crew in the Burgh, their first single People On Lock/Radio is still one of my favorite 12s I own. The album is relatively easy to find cheap on Amazon, eBay, or Discogs.

1. Ur Not Ready
2. Move!
3. 4-1-Too Much
4. Genuine Article feat. J-Sands
5. Watch Out
6. Deja Vu (This Song About Some Girl) feat. Nikki Jean
7. As Good as It Gets Feat. Invincible
8. Who Else?
9. Russian Roulette
10. PA's Finest, Pt. 1 feat. Chops
11. Don't Stop feat. SMI
12. Outflow
13. Authentic (Bonus Track)