Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Strict Flow - Without Further Ado

Strict Flow's debut album, Without Further Ado, released in 2003. Strict Flow consists of MC's Masai Turner and Sied. Masai is now down with Formula 412, whose album I will post soon, and Sied now goes by Pittsburgh Slim. Production is by Chad and E. Dan. The duo now owns ID Labs, which is one of the premier recording studios in Pittsburgh. E. Dan is also one of the illest producers around the way, both him and Chad played a major part in the jump-off of Wiz Khalifa. Back in the late '90s-early 2000s Strict Flow were regarded as the dopest crew in the Burgh, their first single People On Lock/Radio is still one of my favorite 12s I own. The album is relatively easy to find cheap on Amazon, eBay, or Discogs.

1. Ur Not Ready
2. Move!
3. 4-1-Too Much
4. Genuine Article feat. J-Sands
5. Watch Out
6. Deja Vu (This Song About Some Girl) feat. Nikki Jean
7. As Good as It Gets Feat. Invincible
8. Who Else?
9. Russian Roulette
10. PA's Finest, Pt. 1 feat. Chops
11. Don't Stop feat. SMI
12. Outflow
13. Authentic (Bonus Track)

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