Friday, August 20, 2010

GSMG x Stilltown presents IMPACT: Back to School Edition

Gene Stovall Music Group and Stilltown presents the HOTTEST Back to School Event!!

First 25 people through the door get a FREE exclusive limited edition hard copy of the new Stilltown mixtape compilation, Stilltown Vol. 4, featuring more than 20 of the Steel City's best hip-hop acts!

...#HiPHoP Real MC's

HOSTED by: **Kid A + DJ Melun**

Also performing:
*Black Sun*
*The Sole Vibe*
*Ayatollah Jaxx*
*Blowup School*

Doors Open @ 9pm/ 18+

$5 w/ College ID or RSVP in FACEBOOK event page
$8 at the Door

****SPONSORED**** and Giveaways by: SOUL II SOLE: Sneaker Boutique
(Pittsburgh King & Piffsburgh T-Shirts)
also sponsored by: RepPghHipHop + Rhyme Cal + Classic 1824

+Varsity Squad+
This newly formed supercrew will follow-up their debut performance at the Method Man/Redman show with an epic set at IMPACT: Back to School Edition. Jon Quest, Beedie, and Shade Cobain have already generated a national buzz as solo artists. One of the hypest hip-hop groups out, do youself a favor by getting familiar with this crew now.

^The Sole Vibe^
Mario Dones and AV hold down the mics for the Sole Vibe collective. Their music will have you busting out your neckbrace and waving your hands uncReontrollably. Their new album, One to Grow On, will be released late this month.

~Ayatollah Jaxx~
Aiyo, real rap? This dude can out-rap both your favorite rapper and your favorite rapper's favorite rapper, at the same time. Not only that, he's one hell-of-an-entertainer as well. When Jaxx is one stage, it will be all eyes on he.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Stilltown x TROY presents 4-1-2 Throwbacks (1992-2004)

The process of digging up and sharing more than two decades worth of Pittsburgh hip-hop material is fun, but also quite time consuming. In the process of finding these treasures, I'm doing a lot of fact-checking and researching of the story behind each artist and release.

There is plenty of dope Pittsburgh music that will soon invade the blogosphere. With the explosion of Wiz Khalifa on the mainstream music scene, Mac Miller on the brink, Jasiri X carrying conscious hip-hop on his back, Shade Cobain creating the future sound of the genre, and other local acts like Ayatollah Jaxx, Kid A, and Varsity Squad on the come-up, there is no better time than now to introduce the many hip-hop artists that have worn the city's name on their chest in years and decades passed. Here is a compilation of some music that will soon be released in-full on the Philaflava and Stilltown blogs.

01 - Crush Money - Full Tilt (Prod. by DJ Rampage) (1998)
02 - Afro Cinema - 3 1/2 Minutes of Fame (Prod. by Shamir Shine) (1997)

03 - Blowup School presents Versemaster Sef feat. Cool Ass Doug - Famous (Prod. by DJ Melun) (1998)
04 - Pensoulzinakup [Akil Esoon, Emmai Alaquiva, Oyo] - Scat (feat. Da Selecta & B-Tree) (Prod. by Pensoulz) (1993)
05 - Rook & Bishop - Relatin to Transparent (1998)
06 - Mel-Man - The Mel-Funktion (Prod. by Mel-Man) (1991)
07 - Choked Out - The Roots of All Evil (1997)
08 - DJ Demonic - Last Nite (Prod. by DJ Demonic) (1995)
09 - Concrete Elete - Takin Over (Prod. by El the Asiatic) (1997)
10 - 4 Horsemen [Crush Money, Black Sun, I-Shine, Scandal] - Inner City Life (1998)

11 - Strict Flow - Dirt (Prod. by Strict Flow) (1997)

12 - Bravo - Slip (1997)
13 - L.A.B.R.A.T.S. - The Haunting (2002)
14 - Nabri Savior feat. Sha-King - Nabri's Theme (Prod. by DJ Huggy) (2000)
15 - Elevated Mindz [2tymez, Random Sample, Drama J] - Trilogy (2002)
16 - EnSilence - Sick (2004)
17 - Hi-Low Productions - Hi-Speed Chase (Prod. by DJ Lord Khaos) (1997)

18 - Deadly Scribes [Dos Noun, Mic Language, Ambush, Snuff, DJ Yamez] - Identity Crisis (Prod. by Snuff) (2000)
19 - Reverrb feat CT Money [RIP] - How I Feel (2004)
20 - Deezil Money feat. Misty & Shauna Ranks - Soldier of Fortune (Prod. by G. Norris) (1997)



Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sha-King - No Fly List (2010)


It's finally here! The long awaited and latest project from Sha, the "No Fly List" Mixtape. Featuring production from Akim Mathematics (NC), London English (UK), TRIBE LLC/ChinChilla Muzik (GA) & Dj Trama (NC)... download it for FREE to your IPOD, play it in the whip, burn it for a friend, whatever. Just turn it up loud & enjoy!


Network with Sha on Facebook and Twitter


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Method Man & Redman live August 17 at Altar Bar

Method Man & Redman live in Pittsburgh!
Tuesday, August 17
The Altar Bar in the Strip District
1620 Penn Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

Only $35 in advance, $40 at the door
Hit me up at or 412-956-3361
Save money and support Stilltown by buying tickets early:

Featured Stilltown affiliated opening acts include Gene Stovall, Smilo/SMI, Kid A, DJ Vex, and the premier performance of the new group Varsity Squad (Jon Quest, Beedie, & Shade Cobain)

Also opening for Meth N Red will be Formula 412 & Myztery N Sneek


Kid A - The Devil's Advocate Vol. 1 & 2 (2005-07)

These mixtape compilations were released by Kid A, formerly recognized as EMS, in the later half of the decade. Since his early teens, when he began stepping into ciphers with some of the city's most respected MC's, Kid A has been impressing his peers. The Devil's Advocate mixtapes show the skills and potential of this young artist. Here for the long-haul, with fate in-hand, this MC's experience and hunger are two factors that support Kid A becoming the next Pittsburgh hip-hop artist to flood the global hip-hop market.

The Devil's Advocate Vol. 1 (2005-08)

"The Devil's Advocate"

"It's the... (The Anthem)"


The Devil's Advocate Vol. 2 (2006-07)

"City of Gold"

"It's Me"

"First Off"


Kid A on Facebook, SoundCloud, and Twitter


Friday, August 6, 2010

Scorchin' Hot Entertainment - Pittsburgh's Finest (2001)

According to the back cover, producers are Tobias and Playboy Bailey, however, half of the album is over industry beats. The MC's that I can name are Bad News, Chick Kain, Feat, Goldie, Leah, Nicky Bricks, P6, Savage Blair, Slum Nino, Tamika, and Woozy.


02-Bad News

03-1 Fifth Tea
04-Slum Nino
05-Last Breed (Acapella)
06-Drip For Drop
07-Projezek Stress

08-1700 Hundred St.
09-That Young Hoe
10-I'll Be Your Everything
12-Watch the Lye
13-No Hook
14-Hill All-Stars
16-Hill-Homewood Connection
17-How Real Is That
18-Like This Shit

02-You Ain't Gotta Look For Drama

03-Bitches Wanna Look Ride Now
04-Load Up and Blow 8
05-I'm Hot Who Beg To Differ
06-We Business Men
07-Goldies Back Again
08-We Just Too Much

10-I Want to Walk Away
11-Plays of the Week
12-Leave It to the Streets and the Dark
13-Go All Out Like It's Your Last Night
14-Hate Me Now
15-I'm a Mursalis
16-Freestyle Off the Top of the Head
17-Street Tales

The crew released a second album, Street Politics, in 2002. If anyone has it and can hook it up, it'd be appreciated.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Chen Lo - The Ink Well (2009)

Don't Go

Half Alive


You can link with Chen Lo on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter

Cop his new album, Chronicles of a Rebel, on iTunes


Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Time Bomb Spot - Live, Vol. 1 (August 1, 1998)


01 - Hi-Low Productions
02 - Mic Check
03 - Beat Box
04 - Rook & Bishop
05 - Freestyle Session

Visit Time Bomb Shop and follow them on Twitter

Also, shouts to Image for lending me the tape to rip.