Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shadez of Brooklyn - When the Sun Goes Down (Compilation)

After many requests, here is a compilation I made featuring most, if not all, of the work done by the Shadez of Brooklyn. The crew that consists of Chocolate Tye, Tee Black, Rev. Al, and Rambo gained some recognition in the mid 90's through Evil Dee's radio show. The group was closely affiliated with Da Beatminerz and much of their work features production from them.

The groups first 12", "Change" was released in 1996. The others, "Calm Unda Pressure" and "How It's Done" came out in 1998. They were all released on Pandemonium Wreckords and are all relatively hard to find for a decent price. Other tracks on this compilation came from mixtapes or other artists' releases. The "Tony Touch Freestyle" comes from Tony's legendary 55 MC Cypher II Tape, while "Everyday Life" was released on Evil Dee's One mixtape series.

You won't find a more complete mix of S.O.B.'z material anywhere else.

Shadez of Brooklyn - When the Sun Goes Down
01. Change
02. When It Rains It Pours (Survival Warz)
03. Calm Unda Pressure
04. Diamond Mine
05. How It's Done
06. Paradise
07. Wanted Men
08. Hell Yeah, Oh Yeah
09. Drama
10. Tony Touch Freestyle
11. One Life
12. NY
13. Everyday Life
14. War & Position
15. Return of the Mack (Da Beatminerz Remix)