Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ghosty - UPS Is Hiring (2010)



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Lone Catalysts - Back To School (2010)


The new album, Back To School, from the world famous Lone Catalysts is out now!

You can preview and purchase the album on iTunes.

Check out the video for the first single, "World Famous"


And for sports fans around the globe, stay up with the hottest topics by checking out Sands On Sports, a weekly series created by J. Sands of the Lone Cats.

Here is the newest episode, featuring Pharoahe Monch:


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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

F3 / Smash Money (Throwback Videos)

Shoutout to SRP15208 for shooting and uploading these videos to YouTube

F3 - WholeBaggaTapes (1992)

Smash Money - Pick It Up (1992-93)

Smash Money - Da Third Song (1993)


Music from Infinite & F3 / Ruff Chemistry coming soon!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Classic 1824 / RXC

In the '90s, it's no secret that there was a greater prominence of the cliques, posses, crews, and clans. It was an era in which creative mind-blowing lyrics were the sole option for an artist to earn the props and respect of their peers. That said, what's better than having several lyricists spitting darts in 8 or 16 bar verses, back-to-back-to-back-to... you get the point.

At the time, the hip-hop scene in Pittsburgh wasn't much different in this regard. You had several groups putting their stamp on the local scene. The early '90s included Mel Man's Hardcore Crew, Funky to da Third, PensoulzInAKup, transitioning into the mid '90s which gave way to the Massive - a crew that later split in two with Strict Flow and RXC. These are only a few of the crews that were making waves in the city, as well as nationally, at the time.

This post is dedicated to the artistic musical craftings of RXC, an acronym for Reality Unknown Complex. The crew has also been recognized as Classic 1824, 1824 being a numerical symbolism of the letters R-X. Original members of the hip-hop group include C.I., Shamir Shine, Knowledge Build, Justice, Martial Ife, and Amaretto, while others that have been or continue to be a part are Iasia, Gemstarr, Solar Magnetic, Sha-King (fka Reason), Nabri Savior, Living Proofe, Angel Eye, and Gneticz. For a greater look into the crew and the Pittsburgh hip-hop scene at this time, refer to Part One of the video interview with C.I. located at the end of this post.

The following are the first three releases to come from the Classic 1824 / RXC camp. Future posts will include solo releases from Reason/Sha-King, Nabri Savior, Gneticz, and a variety of obscure radio appearances and freestyle sessions.

Feedback is appreciated!


Afro-Cinema - Afro-Cinema, Vol. 1 (1997)
Afro-Cinema is C.I. & Shamir Shine

01-Rap Zodiak
(Prod. by Sekou Coleman, Co-Prod. by Shamir Shine)

02-3 1/2 Minutes of Fame
(Prod. by G-Knowt, Co-Prod. by Sekou Coleman)
(Prod. by Shamir Shine, Co-Prod. by Sekou Coleman)
(Prod. by Shamir Shine, Co-Prod. by Outtareach)



Classic 1824 presents RXC - Mesomatrix EP (1999)

02-Gold Leaf
(Perf. by Golden Seal [Gemstarr & Solar Magnetic])

(Perf. by Rhesun aka Sha-King)
(Perf. by Foreign Nationals [Martial Ife & 120])
(Perf. by Afro-Cinema [C.I. & Shamir Shine])
06-Organic Panic [Perfection]
(Perf. by Iasia)
07-Exit the Matrix

Album produced by Shamir Shine



Classic 1824 presents C.I. - Classic Impressions #1 (1999)

01-Meso Walk
(Prod. by Shamir Shine)

(Prod. by Rampage)
03-2000 Block Party
(Live @ Mumia Benefit)
04-Unforgettable (Inst.)
(Prod. by Rampage)




Again, feedback is appreciated!

Peace & Blessings

-Rory | Stilltown

Friday, October 15, 2010

W. Ellington Felton - Land of Sheep, Ran By Pigs, Ruled By Wolves (2010)


W. Ellington Felton is a multi-talented artist who has been sharing his musical gift with peers since the early-mid '90s. In Pittsburgh, he may be better recognized as Dub Ell. While attending Carnegie Mellon University, Dub Ell had several local releases. During his stay, his producer-of-choice was Outtareach. Prior to leaving the city, Dub Ell put together an album titled The Final Day, which featured some of the city's most notable hip-hop artists at the time, including Masai of Strict Flow, C.I. of Afro-Cinema/RXC, Davu of Misfits from the Attic, and O-Ab of the Math Team. These releases from Dub Ell are some of my favorites that I've come across since I began exploring the local scene's history. They're coming soon to the Stilltown blog, so stay tuned! In the meantime, check out his new album, Land of Sheep, Ran By Pigs, Ruled By Wolves.


<a href="">Land of Sheep, Ran by Pigs, Ruled By Wolves by W.Ellington Felton</a>


Jasiri X Signs Record Deal


VANCOUVER, BC (RPRN) 10/14/10 — New Canadian record label Wandering Worx Music announced the signing of Pittsburgh hip hop veteran Jasiri X, and the release of the debut single That Funk off his upcoming 2011 album Ascension.
ew Canadian record label Wandering Worx Music announced today the signing of Pittsburgh hip hop veteran Jasiri X, and the release of the debut single That Funk available on Bandcamp this Friday, October 15th. Scheduled for release in early 2011, the album, titled Ascension, is produced by the label’s own Rel!g!on.

Jasiri X is already a household name in the Pittsburgh hip hop community, having won six Pittsburgh Hip Hop awards including Album of the Year for his debut LP, American History X, and Song of the Year for the politically charged single Free The Jena 6. He’s also been featured on BET’s Rap City, and hosts the weekly online hip hop news program This Week with Jasiri X, now in it’s fourth successful season.
Rodney Davidson, co-founder of Wandering Worx Music, hopes pairing Jasiri X with the rising production talent of Rel!g!on, will result in a breakthrough record that catapults the artist’s career to deserved heights.

“Jasiri X has raw talent and his thought provoking lyrics are a refreshing change from the usual boasting about cars and money that permeates some of the popular hip hop out there today,” says Davidson. “Matched with Rel!g!on’s intricate production, this album won’t disappoint.”

Based in Vancouver, BC, Wandering Worx Music launched in October 2010 as the official record label of Wandering Worx Entertainment. The label’s debut release, Rel!g!on’s Revelationz 1, has already garnered critical acclaim, with the record’s first single Lucid, featuring Moka Only and E.D.G.E, in rotation on Much Music. The label is also working closely with renowned Vancouver producer Chin Injeti, who has collaborated with Kanye West, Drake and 50 Cent, in addition to producing two tracks on Eminem’s Recovery.


Monday, October 11, 2010

Shade Cobain - Anti-Love Theory (2010)


<a href="">THEM FIGHTING WORDS PRESENTS: Anti-Love Theory by Shade Cobain</a>

Friday, October 1, 2010

Nikki Jean LIVE in Pittsburgh

The beautifully talented Nikki Jean concluded her Living Room Tour in a city she once called home. In the mid-late '90s, Nikki's musical coming-of-age took place in Pittsburgh, PA. A graduate of Perry High School, Nikki was an original member of the Pittsburgh super-group, Jive Family. Other well known members of the Jive Family include "The Joker" Gene-Jive Stovall, Chenits (aka Tomorrow aka Chen Lo, also of Hi-Low Productions and Liberation), trombonist Reggie Watkins, Interval Monday keyboardist Howie Alexander, guitarist Justin Portis, hip-hop/soul producer Shade Cobain, and MC/Rhyme Calisthenics co-founder Thelonious Stretch.

Nikki put on an incredible show, performing collaborations with Carole King, Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil, Burt Bacharach, Bobby Braddock, and Jimmy Webb. I urge anyone and everyone who enjoys great musical talent to support her. Take some time to watch the videos and listen to her recordings. And put the pressure on your local promoters to bring Nikki to your city!

Written with Carole King

"Mercy of Love"
Written with Barry Mann & Cynthia Weil

"Pennies In A Jar"
Written with Burt Bacharach

Written with Bobby Braddock

Written with Jimmy Webb

Written with Luigi Creatore

JIVE FAMILY (Gene Stovall & Nikki Jean, vocals; Justin Portis, guitar)