Saturday, July 31, 2010

Living Proofe

The Movement (2007)


01 - Rites of Passage

02 - Legend of a Necessary Black Man
03 - Paper Chaserz (feat. CI & Jiz Lo)
04 - See the Line
05 - Whateva (feat. Ainzawadi)
06 - Back to the Mind
07 - The Movement
08 - I Build (feat. Sincere, Nabri, Sha-King, & CI)
09 - Dutch Masters (feat. Sha-King)
10 - All is Fair
11 - AnyhoodVille
12 - Feel the Love (feat. Ainzawadi)
13 - Gods On Earth
14 - Eternity
15 - Abu Shahid Speaks
16 - The Cipher (feat. Knowledge-Build, Sincere, Angel-Eye, CI, Sha-King, Living Proofe, Zyhier)
17 - Fly (feat. Wordslave)

Silent Separation (2008)



-Real Recognize Real (feat. Black Sun & ChaRon Don)

Wake Up World (2009)



-What Would I Do

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Friday, July 30, 2010

DJ Essence - Terminal Illness (2002)

Dope freestyle mix album put together by DJ Essence in 2002, released on Sick & Tired Records. This album features mostly Pittsburgh artists, but also some national hip-hop acts including Prevail, Oldominion, and Virtuoso. J. Sands, Strict Flow, and Dos Noun are relatively well known in hip-hop circles, while others such as Black Sun and Ron Noodles have been recognized as some of the illest lyricists locally.


01 - The Mist of Darkness
02 - Intro
03 - Ron Noodles Freestyle
04 - Ambush & Dos Noun Freestyle
05 - Prevail (of Swollen Members) Freestyle
06 - Bishop (of Oldominion) Freestyle
07 - Black Sun Freestyle
08 - Parts of Speech Freestyle
09 - Ron Noodles Freestyle
10 - Caleesh Freestyle
11 - Soulheir the Manchild Freestyle
12 - J. Sands (of Lone Catalysts) Freestyle
13 - Oldominion Freestyle
14 - Strict Flow Freestyle
15 - Virtuoso Freestyle

Sinisters of Sound/Jazzi Love (YouTube)

DJ Selecta brought these to my attention.

The Sinisters of Sound - "The Boy is Fierce" (1986)

Jazzi Love - "The Real Queen of Rap" (1987)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sam Sneed

Str8 Outta Pittsburgh came Sam Sneed. An intrigal member of Dr. Dre's production team, alongside fellow Pittsburgher Mel-Man. This mix right here is a compilation of songs with Sam involved. Sam had a few solo tracks that are featured in this mix, others were only produced by Sam, and the majority feature him both as an MC and producer. Some of the MC's included on this compilation are Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kurupt, Nas, and Nature.


01 - U Better Recognize

02 - Lady Heroin
03 - Blueberry

04 - In Da Zone
05 - The Golden Child
06 - Thug Gonna Do
07 - Put It Down
08 - What Comes Around
09 - U Better Recognize (Extended G-Funk Remix)
10 - Street Dreams

11 - Guilty As Sin
12 - Let the Madness Begin

13 - Street Scholars
14 - Fist of $
15 - Slaves
16 - Hollywood Squares
17 - The Heist
18 - It's So Hot
19 - Drug Related
20 - Outro

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

IMPACT Music Series (Performance One)

If you're in Pittsburgh, Stilltown suggests that you get out to the Shadow Lounge this Saturday, July 24 at 9 p.m. for the first show of a soon-to-be classic performance series.

Gene Stovall Music Group has brought together some of the city's best hip-hop artists to rock the house all night long! Jon Quest, Kid A & BusCrates, Jack Wilson, and Divine Seven are sure to move the crowd with new music that has had the city buzzing.

Headlining the show is Gene Stovall's newest band, Fullfillingness. Aside Stovall are some of the Still City's most promising aspiring artists, including singer K. Renee and multi-talented musician Carlos Pena. With Stovall leading the band, the audience is sure to hear an incredibly unique mix of their favorite pop songs, theme songs, and hits from obscurity.

The Gene Stovall Music Group welcomes you to the first volume of the IMPACT Music Series this Saturday night at Shadow Lounge in the heart of East Liberty.

The evening's line up includes new band FULFILLINGNESS' (Comedic Popular Fusion Hop) whose members include K Renee (vocals), Carlos Pena (guitar), Ralph Crewe (bass) and Miguel "Cha" Sagne (stage chillin').

IMPACT also stars Pittsburgh Hip Hop show stompers Kid A, Jon Quest, Divine Seven, and Jack Wilson.

DJ Noetik FiveThousand will be spinning our favorite songs after and during the set breaks.

Enjoy the comedic stylings of Tj Amick.

Adults only. $7 door charge. Doors open at 9pm. Tip your bartenders.


Gene Stovall - Vocals, Drums, Talk Show Jokes
Carlos Pena - Guitar
Ralph Crewe - Bass, Talk Show Jokes
K Renee - Vocals, Talk Show Jokes
Miguel "Cha" Sagne - Stage Chillin', Vocals, Percussions, Talk Show Jokes

FUFILLINGNESS' was named in honor of Stevie Wonder's Fulfillingness' First Finale available at 720 Records (5943 Penn Avenue. Pittsburgh, PA 15206). Created in Braincase Sound Laboratory, FULFILLINGNESS' focuses on playing multiple styles of music by creating a soundscape of melodramatic popular songs and textbook television rhetoric in a comedic manner.

The band is lead by vocalist extraordinarie and satirists, Gene Stovall, who is actually not the drummer of this band, but only acts as the drummer when the actual drummer (James Johnson III) can not make the hit. Returning to the band for this Saturday's event is guitarist and spiritual mentor, Carlos Pena, who is probably known best for his vibraphone solo performed live at the New Amsterdam Pub during the very first taping of Smoke Ritual. Pena will be soloing on stage this Saturday during songs like the "Diff'rent Strokes Theme song", Stovallian classic "Heaven in the Meantime", and Stevie Wonder's "Creepin'" from the album Fulfillingness' First Finale.

FULFILLINGNESS' will be joined by CreweStovall and Hood Gang bassist Ralph Crewe, Glory Box lead vocalist K Renee, and Guaracha leader Miguel "Cha" Sagne in the absense of Justin Bechak, Brother Renz, and DJ Vex.

Jon Quest:

Jon Quest is a new emcee emerging from Pittsburgh who is gearing up for his debut release "The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest". With numerous collaborations under his belt, Jon Quest is ready for the world to truly understand his love and passion for Hip Hop. With a 5th Rhyme Calisthenics appearance, Quest finally made it to the finals in Rhyme Calisthenics 9 against BlackSun who left the battle as the Rhyme Cal 9 Champion in a very close game. Jon's music is heavily influenced by that true Boom Bap sound and 90's era of Hip Hop. Jon Quest is an upcoming artist that will help to further putting Pittsburgh, PA on the map.

Kid A:

Kid A is a 24 year old rapper/songwriter from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Born in 1986 on Pittsburgh's North Side, Kid A(or Aarie Williams) was involved in music well before his birth. As son of an accomplished drummer, he was blessed with the innate love and appreciation for music. It started in the late 80's curiously pushing buttons on his father's drum machine; which later turned into secretely creating rhymes while taking notes in school as a teenager. By 2005, Kid A had already performed in front of sold out crowds and shared stages with major regional and national acts.

Now heading into the 2nd decade of the 2000's, Kid A, or EMS, is sprinting at a fast pace and about ready to go full steam into fragile arms of the music industry. With 2 upcoming solo projects in 2009 in "Backstock" and his official debut "Blunt Guts & Glory". On top of the 2 coming solo projects is the long-awaited collaboration with Dj/Producer Buscrates, which is high on a lot of people's wish lists and it should be one of the prized releases of 2011. The ethereal soundscapes that Buscrates provides create an innovative new sound really bringing to life the name-change from EMS(Everything Makes Sense) to Kid A.

Jack Wilson:

Jack Wilson is a Pittsburgh MC whose new EP "FAME" with DJ SPAED you can download at: ALSO download the free mixtape "Take the Fire from my Hand" at

Divine Seven:

Delving Inside Very Introspective Notes Eternally...

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA... DIVINE SEVEN embodies the essence that permeates Pittsburgh... Struggle, sound and soul... Raised in various areas around the city, Sev has seen his fair share of what city life has to offer. Along his journey, he found his solace in music. As evidenced by his various influences, including Bob Marley, Marvin Gaye, Jimmy Hendrix, Nas and 2Pac; Sev has an intricate ear and this is displayed in the versatility of his music.

Releasing his first two projects, 'THE NATIVE SON' and 'SEVEN WONDERS...THE EP', both in 2008, he quickly became a staple for the city’s underground Hip Hop scene. He has enjoyed success with both projects, as his music has reached the radio waves in markets as far as the British Broadcasting Channel. Widely known for his smooth delivery and electric live performances, Sev has garnered the Hip Hop Buffet's 2008 Best Male and 2009 Best Group Performance awards. He was also nominated for the 2009 and 2010 Pittsburgh Hip Hop Awards Underground Artist of The Year and has placed in the top three of the ‘This Is Who I Am…’ talent show.

Amassing over 200 local and out of town shows, Sev is clearly on his way to greater horizons... He can be found collaborating with various artists and producers from Pittsburgh including, Tabu Mahogany, A.P.E.X., BusCrates, Shade Cobain and many more… Sev has released the joint project, 'BLACK CONNECTION' with Ayatollah Jaxx to critical acclaim in Fall of 2009 and hasn't slowed down yet… In fact, he released an EP entitled, ‘INTROSPECT’ earlier in the year plus released the full-length project, 'LISTEN!!!' in June of 2010. Forever the visionary, he is prepping his next full-length project entitled 'THE LIFE AND TIMES OF DAT TURNER', and mixtape ‘DE TALK ABOUT: VOL. 1’ both slated for a late 2010/early 2011 release. He can also be found on several mixtapes reaching fans and supporters via the Internet and other media.

When asked about his passion for the art, he elected to keep it simple by quoting the talented Patti Labelle, “If only you knew..."

Noetik FiveThousand:

Noetik 5000 is a jack of all trades he is a ARTIST MANAGER/PROMOTER/EVENT PLANNER/HYPEMAN/DJ/BOOKING AGENT/VIDEO SHOW CO-HOST/PROMOTIONS DIRECTOR/RECORD LABEL REP/ and just an all out music enthusiast. Born in Passaic, NJ and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. He started out as an hungry competitive mcee in the streets of Pittsburgh beginning in 1989 as a youth entering various rap battles & forming hiphop groups around his neighborhood then in 2000 decided to become more behind the scenes focusing on the business aspect of music doing promotion work for various artists from Pittsburgh, PA and also djing as well to put their music out to the masses.

The grassroots company he ran & still push to this day is called N.U.C. (Never Under Competition) Promotions stemming from his competitiveness in his short-lived Hiphop career as an mcee previously. He began putting on showcases around his area for starving artists such as he was to gain somewhat of a name for themselves and build their stage prescence. From then on he has been focused just on his djing skills & being more involved in the promotion,branding & marketing for various artists.He has been djing & promoting for some of the coolest spots & special events in Pittsburgh,Pa. Nowadays he is more involved in other music selections in his sets outside of just the genre of your everyday Hiphop music but more into the electro,international hiphop scene and various dance remixes & mashups. He just likes to rock parties/events by all means necessary with no boundaries.

Tj Amick:

Is excited about Space Rollerblades.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Straight-N-Narrow Records presents: IIE: Infiltrate, Instigate, Expand (2010)

APEX - PA Hustlers

Richburgh - Dynamite Stix

Verbs - Nice Trip

Jon Quest - In the Jaws of Life

Cory Eaux of JSP - So Mean


Rory Webb: Straight-N-Narrow Records presents IIE: Infiltrate, Instigate, Expand. It’s complete. Now available to the world. How does it feel?

Premise: Like a decade puttin’ in work has led to this… I started in 2001 making beats on the computer and it’s led to a completely original release featuring an eclectic group of emcees from Pittsburgh, Philly, NYC, Detroit… all of whom I’m honored to work with. It feels like a relief, but not a relief like “I’m so happy this is over with." It’s more of a “I’m relieved the world will finally hear what I’ve been cookin’ up” type of relief. I’ve been at this a long time, just behind the scenes crafting my sound for the majority of the last decade. I’ve been in Philly hip-hop events, but on a local level in Pittsburgh I wasn’t exactly a household name even last November. I’m still far away from being a household name, but I’ve definitely networked a ton since late ‘09, building the relationships necessary to release a compilation of this caliber.

RW: This being your first full album release, what are some things you learned during the creation process?

P: I did release a solo LP as an emcee in 2003, fully produced by myself at a time when I was a production novice trying to be the next great white rapper. But it was an amateur project. I evolved after that to become a full-time producer/engineer in terms of my focus, although there may or may not be a hidden track on IIE (may or may not be….)

Putting this release together taught me valuable lessons in terms of tailoring beats for specific emcees and finalizing tracks to make them songs, not just verses on beats. Most of that is up to the artist, but as a producer you are the final “ear” and should act as such.

I think I’m more versatile than I personally thought, which is definitely vital to succeeding on a national level. Any sub-genre of artist(s) in hip-hop can hit me up and probably find something they want to rock on. And we know there are many sub-genres. For example, would you think the same producer would work with Nas and then turn around a do a Trick Daddy jam? No, usually, but I believe SNN is capable of that with the catalog I’ve built.

It’s a different beast though, for a producer reaching out to a variety of emcees, as opposed to just being in my own creative world shaping songs as an artist, like when I started. You have to be mindful of the artist, and realize we all come from different hip-hop environments with a specific set of influences, although many of us share the same ones.

RW: With the long list of dope MC’s involved, I’m sure your expectations were high for damn near each and every track. But can you talk about one song or artist that really exceeded even the highest of expectations?

P: I had a feeling you would hit me with a “pick a favorite track” type of question. So I’ll answer it, I won’t give the wishy washy political answer that “loves every track equally.” I’d be lying to you if I did that. The artist who really blew my mind with the final product has to be Real Deal. He hit the beat exactly how I envisioned him doing so… track 13, “Revival.” That’s actually what I named the beat and he just ran with it. The word-play, flow, and mic presence is top-notch, as expected, and the overall sound is a signature SNN banger. As a producer and hip-hop fan especially, it's tracks like these that I enjoy most. Thanks to Real Deal for helpin’ to make that one of my favorites on the release, hands down.

RW: I’m hoping to hear some of Premise the MC on this album! Let’s reverse your role real quick. If you were the sole MC on the album, and had a team of five producers working with you, who would they be and why?

P: I like this question a lot because I’m a fan first, and was an emcee second, I must stress that. I’ll spit them right out in no particular order- Large Professor, Alchemist, Rob the Viking, Michael Masser, and Jermaine Dupri. Most people won’t know who Rob the Viking or Michael Masser are, but I bet they know “Big Things” by Nas (Masser), from I Am. That beat single-handedly put Masser on the map, because it’s retarded hot, and every element is near-perfect. Rob the Viking also isn’t a household name, but he’s produced a lot of gritty records for Swollen Members/Battle Axe, and was a big part of my adolescent years. Dupri, Alchemist, and Large Professor should go without saying since they are entrenched Hip-Hop Hall-of-Famers in most books. Large Professor is a true sound-crafter and bender; a pure one, from day one to now, with no dilution. JD would do my club jam, and Alc…. Well…. Alc would make whatever he wanted and I’m sure I’d love it. It’d be a ridiculous EP!!!!

RW: How has your participation in the Philadelphia iStandard Producer Showcases challenged, inspired, and motivated you as a music artist?

P: J-Hatch and Don Di Napoli, founders of iStandard, opened up the industry door to me back in 2006. I submitted beats and they accepted me into their showcase of producers. iStandard events always involve judges who are platinum producers, A&R’s, and/or executives at labels. That’s inspirational, challenging, and motivating on its face. It’s also scary at first because you think “this is it.” Of course it’s not “it,” but just a step in a series of steps you should be taking to further your career while networking with the right people. You mature a lot when taking part in these shows, and it’s teaches you professionalism.

Participating each year since ‘06 has educated me as to what the decision-makers in the industry are looking for, from a quality standpoint to a complete package standpoint, everything… It’s been a critical part of my development as a producer- in the mix of thousands trying to stand out and turn heads, which is not easy to do.

RW: What has been the biggest hurdle you’ve encountered and overcome as an entrepreneur in the music business?

P: The biggest hurdle is staying on top of the technology and being able to afford what you need. For about six full years, from ’03-’09, I was working on a Pentium 4. You cannot produce industry-quality sound on that computer, I don’t care what anyone says. I made a major upgrade to the Intel i7 processor last August and subsequently, here we are discussing my release 11 months later. The technology… the virtual instruments… hardware…. It’s expensive and there is an ocean of it to swim through, literally. You can get a lot of stuff free, but not the quality, high-end equipment and virtual tools that really stand out. A producer/engineer is truly only as good as his sound engine. In other words, you can’t run a 2002 Cavalier out there with Porsche rally whips and expect to be on the podium.

RW: You attribute much of your drive as a music artist to your father, who is a musician in his own right. How has his encouragement affected your work from the time you were just beginning to now?

P: From as far back as memories formed, music equipment was all around me. Pop always had a studio and has been playing the drums since the 1960’s. Growing up in a house with drums, guitars, keyboards, 8-tracks, etc, is something that makes it almost impossible not to gravitate towards music as a teen especially. I made my first beat on a keyboard at 14, and I can say without a doubt that my Father is why. It’s in our blood and was my environment. There’s been collabs with him on beats, discussions about drum progressions, the business… He’s an all-around music aficionado who I’m blessed to have in my life and without whom IIE would not be happening. That should put it in perspective.

RW: What’s the most fun part of being a producer and engineer?

P: The creative process. Sometimes it’s quick and easy and then others it’s a labor of something like love, but more like a battle with your own impatience. There is a thing called “Producer’s Block” and the fun part for me is working around my own impatience and aggravation to focus and get it right. The feeling when you do get it right is completely unique, like a high for drug addicts, an orgasm for nymphos, or a good “pump” for bodybuilders (I had fun with that one). But yeah, easily the creative process at number 1. A close #2 is building relationships with artists. They need me and I need them; the talented ones that is. They know who they are and I consider myself skilled at finding them among this mess of artists we call the underground.

Friday, July 16, 2010

New Music Videos

Jasiri X - What If the Tea Party Was Black?

Jon Quest - Last Word (from the debut mixtape The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest)

Living Proofe - Celebration (Livin' My Life)

Saturday, July 10, 2010

SikkWitIt - Grind Time (2010)

The new mixtape release from one of Pittsburgh's illest lyricists compiles loose songs, freestyles, remixes, and an exclusive snippet from Sikk's next project. With a mic in his hand, this MC is damn near untouchable.

01 - Funky Introduction
02 - Chilling
03 - Late Notice

04 - The Industry
05 - Exhibit T

06 - Come Follow Me (Remix)
07 - Freestyle (Live Video)
08 - Fuck Wit Me
09 - Helps Coming (Snippet)
10 - Look What the Cat Dragged In
11 - Passing Me By (She Played Me)
12 - Rappers These Dayz Freestyle

13 - Raw (feat. D-Loon)

14 - Similes
15 - Spell On You (2006 Classic)
16 - Talk 2 Me


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You can hear more music from SikkWitIt on the Stilltown compilations. Stay tuned for more cause this MC works hard!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Ensilence - The Reconstruction EP (2010)

Ensilence has been all over this blog lately. That's because her quality music has become a constant. The professional recording sound, and Ensilence's uncanny ability to package an album full of treats, is ecstasy to the listener's ears.

01 - The Reconstruction (Intro)
02 - Whose World

03 - MY State of Mind
04 - Heaven's Harp
05 - Enemy of the State
06 - Pass It On
07 - Artificial Intelligence

08 - Without Reward
09 - Beyond the Rope

10 - Miss U Much
11 - In Scope
12 - Down
13 - First Thing First (Outro)

Production Credits:
C-Sekshun - 1, 2, 5, 6, 12, 13
Macado - 8, 10
Wilde - 7, 9
BusCrates - 11
DJ King Flow - 3


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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Jack Wilson & DJ Spaed - Fame (2010)

01 - P&LC
02 - See Sky Crumbling v2.0
03 - When She Waved At Me
04 - Herbals
05 - Walk the Walk


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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Kaisuan & B-FreeDaMisfit (2010)

Kausion - Pittsburgh, Pencilvania

01 - Forever Yours
02 - Good Day Hip-Hop

03 - Pittsburgh, Pencilvania

04 - Love You For So Many Reasons
05 - Light Skin Girls
06 - Look At You Now
07 - Lady
08 - Rebound
09 - Watch Move
10 - What's Your World
11 - Payback Is a Dog
12 - What's the Worst Thing That Could Happen
13 - Yellow Bridges
14 - Is It That

*Tracks 2, 3, 5, 6-9, 12, 13 feature B-FreeDaMisfit


Kaisuan & B-FreeDaMisfit - The Author & Magician

01 - Away So Long

02 - Bangers
03 - Close But No Cigar (In Ya Area)
04 - Forever Yours (Now I'm Yorks)
05 - Gettin' At Me
06 - Here We Go Again
07 - Light Skin Girls
08 - Look At You Now (Alternate Version)
09 - Look At You Now (Classic Version)
10 - Payback Is a Dog
11 - Rebound
12 - You Got My Heart (feat. Kelley Bonds)


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