Saturday, February 26, 2011

E. Nyce & Kool Krush - Highly Untouchable (1991)


Highly Untouchable was released in 1991 on Out Cold Records. E. Nyce & Kool Krush teamed up with producer, and DJ, Kelly Nelson to complete two dope cuts, "Just A Lil Something" and "Street Poetry." As you can see in the photo, my copy is on cassette tape, but I'm aware that this had been released on vinyl as well.

According to some additional research, I can confirm that the MC's are from Pittsburgh. However, I'm unable to pinpoint a specific area of the city.

To my knowledge, this is the group's first and only official release. Both joints are nice. "Just A Lil Something" includes some impressive rhyme flows, while "Street Poetry" is guided by a KRS-One vocal sample, saying "Poetry is the language of imagination."

Check it out!!


"Just A Little Something"

"Street Poetry"

Producer Kelly Nelson has also been credited with producing the one and only additional Out Cold Records release. Def B's The Birth of Def was first released on Out Cold in 1991, and appears to have been re-issued a year later on another short-lived label, Echo Rapp. Similar to the E. Nyce & Kool Krush tape, the Def B record includes two tracks, "You Fell Off" and "Played Cheap." Unfortunately, I've yet to obtain this release. If you have the Def B record, you can share by dropping a link in the comments or by e-mailing the tracks to


Beedie - Ruff Draft: J. Dilla Changed My Life! (2011)


This project is in honor of Beedie's favorite producer, J. Dilla. On this new release, Beedie takes on the pressure and challenge of combining his MCing skills with Dilla's Ruff Draft EP. Beedie imprints his own style and story on the tracks, without straying from the original concepts first formed by Dilla years ago.