Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Lone Catalysts Album Release Party

Show support for city Hall of Famers!

Come out this Friday to see the World Famous Lone Catalysts as they celebrate the release of their new album, Back To School!

That's not all, this event is also dedicated to the three-year anniversary of DJ Drastik and Soul II Sole being in business!

Other featured performers include BZE and Jon Quest of the Varsity Squad. On the wheels of steel will be Drastik, Nuke Knocka, and Rob Chilldren.


J. Sands of Lone Catalysts - "Please" from The Poet-Tree of Life

Friday, September 24, 2010

Black Sun Interview


Part 1: The Early Years
In this segment, Black Sun speaks about early experiences as a hip-hop artist, the forming of the Four Horsemen, his transition from high school to college, and power-outage ciphers.

Part 2: Music Lives Forever
In this segment, Black Sun speaks about the internet and hip-hop becoming a global phenomenon, the "now" generation, and the economics of lyricism in hip-hop.

Part 3: Saying Lines & Scoring Touchdowns
In this segment, Black Sun speaks about hip-hop upgrade, his hometown of New Kensington, the soon to be released All-Madden '11 Mixtape, family, and work ethic.

Black Sun performs live at:
GSMG x Stilltown present IMPACT Music Series
Shadow Lounge, Aug. 27, 2010

"When We Do Our Thing"

"Baby Powder"

"Hannibal Lecture," from the soon to be released All-Madden '11 Mixtape

Freestyle with DJ Melun (of Blowup School)

Black Sun's All-Madden '11 mix album COMING SOON!
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Last but certainly not least, here's the first single:
"Still Shining"


Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Sole Vibe - One To Grow On (2010)

1) AV – Self Centered (Prod. by Keelay & Zaire)
2) Mario Dones – Ring To It (Prod. by Keelay & Zaire)
3) AV & Slo-Mo – Work (Prod. by Keelay & Zaire)
4) Mario Dones ft. Kam Moye – What More Could You Want (Prod. by Keelay & Zaire)
5) The Ave – Bob Knight (Produced by P. Fish)
6) Mario Dones – Pastries (Prod. by Nice Rec)

7) AV - Been Around The World (Prod. by J. Fish)
8) AV – The Quiet (Prod. by Nice Rec)

9) The Sole Vibe Interlude (Prod. by Veterano)
10) The Ave ft. Slo-Mo – Miss Jane (Prod. by Lazy J)
11) Mario Dones – Slow Motion (Prod. Keelay & Zaire)
12) AV – Reflections (Prod. by DJ Whooligan)
13) The Ave – Last Day of Summer (Prod. by J. Fish)
14) Mario Dones - Episode Call Life Revisited (Prod. by P. Fish)
15) AV – You (Prod. by Keelay and Zaire)


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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shade Cobain - Anti-Love Theory [Appetizer] (2010)

ThemFightingWords presents Shade Cobain's Anti-Love Theory

THEM FIGHTING WORDS Presents Anti-Love Theory Appetizer by Shade Cobain

Anti-Love Theory album drops 10.10.10

Stay Tuned!


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Black Sun - Shut Up & Listen! (2003-05)

Vol. I
01-Guess Who's Back
02-America (Wake Up
04-Who Shot Ya
05-The MC (Mass Appeal)
06-Nuff Said

07-Do U Smoke (Cross the Border)
08-Non-Stop (Freestyle)
10-I Declare War
11-Big Ass On the Floor
13-Two Nickels


Vol. II
01-The Jumpoff

04-Everybody's On Drugs
05-Backpack Anthem
06-Gettin' @ Sunny
07-For the Children
08-Interview 1
09-I'll Be Around
10-Sex, Drugs, & Hip-Hop

12-Kill Bill
13-Breathe In
14-That Ain't Right
15-Interview 2 - Keep Doin' It
16-You Don't Know Me Either
17-Walking Thru the Hood


Full of quotables:

"On some solo shit, never been seen/
like George Clooney on the cover of Ebony Magazine/
Or, Shanaynay in the KKK/
packin' AK's, stickin' up Free and AJ"

"Fuck rhymin' bout diamonds and gems/
Yo, I'd have a pair of 12-inch Timbs than 20-inch rims"

"Sick in the brain, dawg never been in my right mind/
Word to Jesus rob Regis for his lifelines"

And those are all from one track, "2004."

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All-Madden Mixtape '11 coming soon!
Stay tuned to the Stilltown blog for the world premiere


Sunday, September 12, 2010

GeeMan aka Grand Ear Remixes

Erykah Badu - Window Seat (Grand Ear Remix)

The Roots - Don't See Us (Grand Ear Remix)
The ROOTS Don't See Us-Grand Ear Remix by Grand Ear aka GeeMan

Nas - Mastermind (Grand Ear Remix)
Nas Mastermind Grand Ear Remix by Grand Ear aka GeeMan

You can hear more from the Grand Ear on Bandcamp


Monday, September 6, 2010

Jasiri X Interview / Concrete Elete - Basic Instructions (1998)

Concrete Elete consisted of Furious Styles, God Gifted, OMG, Chilly Ism, and Evil Man, with El aka Asiatic the Natural on production, a six man wrecking crew that did damage on the Pittsburgh and Philly hip-hop scene during the mid-90’s. Members brought their own artistic vision to the knocking instrumentals. In 1998, that vision was expressed through the crew's debut album, Basic Instructions: Listen... and Repeat.

Basic Instructions was 19 tracks deep, showcasing each MC's unique approach. El's versatile production served as a comfortable home to the rebellious lyrics of Furious Styles, the street savvy rhymes of God Gifted, and the clever wordplay of OMG.

Here to build on the crew’s history is Furious Styles aka Jasiri X.

RW: Peace Jasiri. Describe the foundation upon which Concrete Elete was assembled. How’d you meet and join forces?

JX: We met because I used to buy weed from Chub aka Evil Man. One day he was out of town so he hooked me up with Chill and OMG. We started talking about hip-hop, and that same day we were in me and Asiatic's studio, and the rest is history.

RW: You collectively finished the Basic Instructions album in 1998. How was it released?

JX: We actually put the album out ourselves, but we didn't have all the technological means like we do now, so not a lot of people heard it, but it gave us a buzz in Pittsburgh. Everybody called it the Red CD.

RW: Following the release of Basic Instructions, what ultimately led to the disbanding of the crew?

JX: We actually recorded an entire album after Basic Instructions, but we couldn't agree on the direction. I felt like we should remain underground and other members felt we should make crossover records so we just went our separate ways.

RW: How did the Concrete Elete experience provide groundwork for Jasiri X, the solo MC?

JX: It caused people to know and respect me in the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop scene, so I could still get shows and support as a solo MC. Plus we performed a lot, so it enabled me to learn how to rock a crowd, which is a lost art today.

RW: How do you believe fans can embrace this long lost Concrete Elete album?

JX: To me it still stands up to the test of time, good beats and good lyrics. I'd put us up against a whole lot of groups out today that aren't half as talented. Also want to send a special shout out to two original Concrete Elete members not on the album, The General and the Black Chinaman.

01. Intro
02. Dat First Shit
03. We Got U
04. Raw Dilly
05. Where U At
06. Interlude
07. Physical Anger
08. Khalifahs
09. I Don't Know
10. Takin Over

11. Fugitive

12. Concrete Veteran
13. Shinin
14. Patent Leather
15. Droppin Styles
16. Johanisburg

17. Survive
18. Concrete
19. Outro


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New video - "Real Gangstas"


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Living Proofe - Grown Man Travelin' (2010)

Brand new mixtape from Living Proofe


Link with LP on Twitter, Facebook, and ReverbNation