Monday, September 6, 2010

Jasiri X Interview / Concrete Elete - Basic Instructions (1998)

Concrete Elete consisted of Furious Styles, God Gifted, OMG, Chilly Ism, and Evil Man, with El aka Asiatic the Natural on production, a six man wrecking crew that did damage on the Pittsburgh and Philly hip-hop scene during the mid-90’s. Members brought their own artistic vision to the knocking instrumentals. In 1998, that vision was expressed through the crew's debut album, Basic Instructions: Listen... and Repeat.

Basic Instructions was 19 tracks deep, showcasing each MC's unique approach. El's versatile production served as a comfortable home to the rebellious lyrics of Furious Styles, the street savvy rhymes of God Gifted, and the clever wordplay of OMG.

Here to build on the crew’s history is Furious Styles aka Jasiri X.

RW: Peace Jasiri. Describe the foundation upon which Concrete Elete was assembled. How’d you meet and join forces?

JX: We met because I used to buy weed from Chub aka Evil Man. One day he was out of town so he hooked me up with Chill and OMG. We started talking about hip-hop, and that same day we were in me and Asiatic's studio, and the rest is history.

RW: You collectively finished the Basic Instructions album in 1998. How was it released?

JX: We actually put the album out ourselves, but we didn't have all the technological means like we do now, so not a lot of people heard it, but it gave us a buzz in Pittsburgh. Everybody called it the Red CD.

RW: Following the release of Basic Instructions, what ultimately led to the disbanding of the crew?

JX: We actually recorded an entire album after Basic Instructions, but we couldn't agree on the direction. I felt like we should remain underground and other members felt we should make crossover records so we just went our separate ways.

RW: How did the Concrete Elete experience provide groundwork for Jasiri X, the solo MC?

JX: It caused people to know and respect me in the Pittsburgh Hip-Hop scene, so I could still get shows and support as a solo MC. Plus we performed a lot, so it enabled me to learn how to rock a crowd, which is a lost art today.

RW: How do you believe fans can embrace this long lost Concrete Elete album?

JX: To me it still stands up to the test of time, good beats and good lyrics. I'd put us up against a whole lot of groups out today that aren't half as talented. Also want to send a special shout out to two original Concrete Elete members not on the album, The General and the Black Chinaman.

01. Intro
02. Dat First Shit
03. We Got U
04. Raw Dilly
05. Where U At
06. Interlude
07. Physical Anger
08. Khalifahs
09. I Don't Know
10. Takin Over

11. Fugitive

12. Concrete Veteran
13. Shinin
14. Patent Leather
15. Droppin Styles
16. Johanisburg

17. Survive
18. Concrete
19. Outro


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stream said...

dope!...thanks for posting. if you are a fan of Concrete Elite, there's a few joints on their EP that aren't on this won't be disappointed!

Rory - Stilltown said...

FYI: Can download the EP here:

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I was just watching that George Carlin stand up the other night. Nice tie in...