Tuesday, April 26, 2011

LOS & CLG - Chronicles of Robin Leach (2010)

LOS & CLG, now recognized as Folkland, released Chronicles of Robin Leach in 2010. They have since signed with Play On Records, which has distribution through Def Jam. The duo combine their unique rhyming styles to form a group that is on its way to becoming a powerful force in music and hip-hop. LOS has a twang to his rhyme delivery and added an impressive singing dimension to his vocal repetoire. CLG, aka Lemar French, is a versatile MC, and on this album showcases his ability ride any beat well. He also is responsible for much of the production on the album.

My favorite joints: "Calling," "Highest Mountain," "Favorite Girl," "So Far Away," "Up So High"

DOWNLOAD the Album

You can check out the videos from the release below.

For further information visit http://reverbnation.com/folkland

"Favorite Girl"

"So Far Away"

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Ohio Takeover Tour: Pittsburgh Edition


Tomorrow is the much anticipated Ohio/Pittsburgh takeover show/in store. It's going to be a great show, so don't miss out on this opportunity to see some real dope hip-hop. The event is FREE. On the bill we have J. Rawls (from the legendary Lone Catalysts), Ill Poetic, Illogic, L.e for the Uncool, as well as Pittsburgh's own Varsity Squad and B-FreeDaMisfit. Also, DJing and hosting the show will be DJ Big Phill.

OHIO Takeover Tour: Pittsburgh Edition
APRIL 17th 3-5 pm
720 Music, Clothing, & Cafe
4405 Butler street
Pittsburgh, PA


Shade Cobain - Cobainish Theory (2011)


New release from Pittsburgh's "Producer of the Year," Shade Cobain!! An great addition to Shade's beat tape series, Shade has outdone himself once again.

Cobainish Theory would be classified as head-nod music. Short but sweet, I can assure that this album will have your head nodding for a solid 30 minutes. You can download the album for only $7.


Gene Stovall - 2 + 2 = 5 (2011)


One of the most prominent artists on Pittsburgh's music scene over the past decade is Gene Stovall. Rapper, singer, producer, beatbox extraoridinaire, drummer, guitarist... I really could keep going. The frontman for tens of bands which have featured some of the local scenes best musicians.

Earlier this year Gene released his debut album, 2 + 2 = 5. The album is produced in-full by Gene, and features an various arrangements of Gene showcasing his vocal abilities.

You can listen to the album on Gene's bandcamp page. Hard to pick favorite tracks, but I'll go with these: "2 + 2 = 5," "Walking On Ice," "Alpha Jive Arithmetic," "Electro Pop Memoir," "Cassette Tape Teens," "Example," "Listen," "Permutations"


EnSilence - Strange Fruit (2011)


Not many artists are as consistent with releasing music as this diamond in the ruff MC, EnSilence. Did I mention that everything she puts out is of top notch quality? Yeah, she's got skills and heart that are heard in every syllable of her music.

EnSilence recently dropped this new EP, Strange Fruit. It's a free download. My favorite joints are "Promise," "Malcolm Little," and "Strange Fruit." Take a listen!!


Connect - Arrival Tactics (2011)


The debut EP release from Fortified PhonetX member Connect, Arrival Tactics. It's a free download via Connect's bandcamp page. My favorite joints are "9 to Live" and "Get It." Check it out!