Sunday, January 4, 2009

Maestro Fresh-Wes

I remember in '98, when I was 11 or 12 years old, I went up to Toronto for vacation during some festival where I was exposed to Maestro Fresh-Wes. At this point I had minimal knowledge of hip-hop music, let alone any knowledge of the legendary Maestro Fresh-Wes.

So I went in to one of the hip-hop shops up there and asked who "the man" was in Canada. I was given the new Maestro album, which at that time was Built to Last. "Stick to Your Vision" was my shit. I remember
listening to that track like 20 times straight after I copped the album.

The next summer I went up there again, in dire need of some new Maestro...nothing. I left T.Dot that year with Choclair's Ice Cold. A dope album indeed, but I was still curious about some new Maestro material.

In spring of '01 I made it back up to the city. At this point I was 14, eager to find out what the new hype was, and assuming that Maestro was out of the picture. Not so fast, going through the store I came across Maestro's album Ever Since. Needless to say, the album stayed in my CD player for the entire trip.

Today, I chose to share some of his more obscure releases.

The Black Tie Affair (1991)

Naaah, Dis Kid Can't Be From Canada?!! (1994)
1 I'm Drinkin' Milk Now
2 Check My Vernacular
3 Pray To Da East (ft. Percee P)
4 Certs Wid Out Da Retsyn
5 Mic Mechanism
6 Makin' Records
7 Fine Tune Da Mic (ft. Showbiz)
8 Brown Sugar
9 How Many Styles
10 Dat's My Nigga!!
11 Higher Level
12 Bring It On (Showbiz Remix)
13 Make It For The Ruff
14 Dat's My Nigga!! (Instrumental)

Death Ministry b/w Pushin' Wiggz Back (1996)

You can get Built to Last (1998) and Ever Since (2000) on Amazon for less than $2 now, so buy them! It's worth it, I promise.

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