Friday, December 18, 2009

Almighty - God Willing (1998)

Almighty is 2Gz, Slim Kapone, Uncle Buck, and Nina Ross

Straight out of Pittsburgh, PA, this is Almighty's album God Willing. The majority of the album was produced by Sekou Coleman, with additional production from Mista Yuck and DJ Prizm.

01. Da Koroner
02. P.G.H. (2Gz solo)

03. My Family
04. Steel Curtain
05. Anywayz

06. Let Em Fly
07. Feel Me (Slim Kapone solo)

08. Games
09. Squab
10. Turn It Out
11. Smok 'Em All
12. Day of Judgement

13. P.G.H. Roll Call




Plamen said...

thank you.

Jamal60 said...

How I can download this album?

Jamal60 said...

Hi!You can re-up Almighty - God Willing please? Thanks