Thursday, December 11, 2008

12/10/08 - Radio Show

ya dig.

Armstead Brown - "One Hitter Quitter"
GZA ft. Streetlife & Ghostface Killah - "Silent"
Riccochett Klashnekoff - "It's Murda"
D. Auguste - "Rain Dance"
The Pharcyde - "Pain"
Souls of Mischief ft. Del the Funkee Homosapien - "'94 Via Satellite"
The Skemen - "Size Em Up, Play Em"
King Tubby - "Higher Ranking"
J. Sands - "Manifest"
Nas - "U Gotta Love It"
Mr. Lif - "Return of the B-Boy"
Kukoo da Bag-a-Bonez - "Real Kukoo"
Paul Ray - "More Emotion"
Citizen Kane - "The Gambler"
Slum Brothers - "6 Millions MC's"
Da Gas Chamber - "Illusiv"
E-Money Bags ft. Nas & Horse - "I Want It"
Planet Asia - "Handlin' Business"
Mobb Deep - "Hell On Earth"
Cormega - "You Don't Want It"
Ghostface Killah - "Mighty Healthy"
Jeru the Damaja - "Ain't the Devil Happy"

That's the last one of the semester, not sure what I'm doing with it next semester since I'm gonna be working and doing an internship along with going to school. I'll keep the viewers & listeners posted though.

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