Saturday, September 26, 2009

Lone Catalysts - Hip-Hop (2001)

A monumental local classic, this album globalized Pittsburgh hip-hop.

Producer J. Rawls of Columbus, OH teamed up with Pittsburgh MC J. Sands in the mid-90's, needless to say the duo has never looked back.

"At the time, we thought that there weren't many cats, at least in our area, trying to do it the way we were trying to do it. It's that raw hip-hop."
-J. Rawls

True indeed. In 1998, they premiered their combined talents with a bomb 12" single, "Paper Chase." The 12", which included four tracks, was the first of many that the Lone Catalysts would release in the years leading to their highly anticipated album, Hip-Hop.

Released on B.U.K.A. Entertainment, the album was distributed throughout the Europe, Japan, and the U.S. With appearances from Talib Kweli, Rubix, and a few lesser known MC's, as well as support from then underground super-label Rawkus Records, the album earned rave reviews.

With the success of this album, the local hip-hop scene breathed new life. The smooth, progressive boom-bap production of J. Rawls and laid-back lyrical annihilation performed by J. Sands led a new breed of hip-hop in the city of Pittsburgh.

01. Intro
02. Q & A
03. Hip-Hop
04. A Few Words From B.U.K.A.
05. 3 Years Ago
06. Ill Technique
07. ...More Words From B.U.K.A.
08. The Pro's
09. It's Working
10. The Place to Be
11. If Hip-Hop Was a Crime
12. Settle the Score
13. Ayanna Monet
14. Due Process
15. X-Tinction
16. Politix
17. Nkiru Bookstore
18. Lone Catalysts
19. Part of the Game
20. Thin As Paper
21. Paper Chase

More from the Lone Catalysts coming soon...

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