Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Nick Pratt - The New Cool (Coming Soon)

Earlier this year the Fear of Falling EP was presented, released, and served as an introduction to the southern lyricist known as Nick Pratt.

His overt lyricism and candor has helped him build a substantial buzz, placements on heavily promoted shows, and online press. In efforts to build off of his success, Nick Pratt returns with a solid second EP, “The New Cool”. Nick focused on showing his growth as an individual and artist while maintaining his illustrious bravado.


In this short feature by ShortHand Films, “Re-Introducing Nick Pratt,” Pratt’s talent is re-examined. The four-minute film speaks to Pratt about The New Cool, the feel of his second EP and what it was like working with collaborators. As an added extra, Pratt finished with a quick acapella that is sure to impress.


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