Saturday, January 15, 2011

Grind Time presents Steeltown Smackdown 2



On January 22, Grind Time Now visits the Shadow Lounge in Pittsburgh for Steeltown Smackdown 2. The premier battle competition features 24 MC's and will be hosted by the city's own Real Deal. One of the competition's newcomers, Boka, has generated a buzz in the battle circuit for his creativity and clever wordplay. I had a chance to talk with the Pittsburgh native about his experience since joining the Grind Time movement.

Rory D. Webb: Describe your training process and approach going into a GrindTime battle.

Boka: Well, once I find out who my opponent is I drink 3 eggs and a shot of vodka and start writing. (Laughs) Seriously, it might take me a week to write for my opponent, depending on who it is and the length of battle. I might do a little research on him before I actually write. Once that's done I try to recite my bars as much as possible. By battle night my bars should be rolling off my tongue like A,B,C,D,E,F...G.

R. D. Webb: After only a few Grind Time battles, you’ve become recognized as one of the competitions most creative participants. Can you talk about the importance of creativity in battling?

Boka: Creativity is what it's all about. I say about 90 percent of the battle MC's that I've seen are xeroxed (copy cats). The other 10 percent are very, very creative. Hollywood should hire some of these MC's for writing gigs.

A lot of MC's study other battles MC's and build their whole style off of that MC. That shit is wack! Being creative and original is what gives you your signature mark in this game.

R. D. Webb: When one MC clearly defeats or humiliates competition in a battle, commonly used phrases include “chewing” or “biting his (or her) head off.” After annihilating a competitor in a battle, how do you feel?

Boka: To be truthful with you I expect to annihilate my opponent. (Laughs) I think I'm more shocked if I didn't do this. When the battle is done I might get a rush for a moment, but it does nothing to my ego. Now, I do enjoy watching the videos and seeing the response from the crowd and the viewers of the video. The crowd/fans appreciating my bars is what gives me a good feeling.


Boka vs. Legacy

Boka vs. Nfact


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