Sunday, March 6, 2011

GEO - Here I Come (1994)


Originally from Arlington, hip-hop artist GEO started his music career while living in Larimer. Raised in various cities throughout Pittsburgh, including Arlington, St. Clair, and Beltzhoover, GEO earned respect as a battle MC and by performing in talent shows at the Colisseum in Homewood. In 1994, Geo presented his first single, "Here I Come." The release also included the ruff street track, "My Krew."

A few years following the release of the "Here I Come" single, GEO linked with local producer Suga Free, formerly of the Misfits in da Attic, to complete the album Introduction to the Storm, as GEO was at this time referred to as the Almighty Geostorm. GEO credits Suga Free with teaching him about the structure and processes involved with making quality music.

"Cali G-Funk is a Pittsburgh sound"

In the late '90s, GEO moved to California. It was GEO's writing skills that made way for his move, as he studied and worked with the artists of SoulLife Records. GEO describes SoulLife Records as a breeding facility, where aspiring artists learn how to produce and how the industry works. Through his involvement in SoulLife Records, GEO collaborated with artists such as Mike City, Sunshine Anderson, and Nocturnal.

During his time in Cali, GEO's focus began to change from being a write to being a producer. Pittsburgh legend Mel-Man was already in the Cali area, working with Dr. Dre, and GEO was able to study both producers, among others, and he quickly developed an appreciation for the craft. GEO explains that constantly being surrounded by such talented producers inspired him to produce, not rap.

GEO is currently working as a music producer in California. He is working closely with rising hip-hop MC Rick Official.


GEO - "Here I Come" b/w "My Krew"



And here's a new joint from GEO - "The Almighty"



Anonymous said...

thanks for this-it's mad dope!!!

kim scott-rutherford said...

Brother, I am very proud of you, Keep up the hard work, I love you and can't wait to see u