Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Count Bass D & DJ Pocket

Short but sweet, a phrase that can be used to describe nearly any release in the extensive catalogue of Count Bass D. The dynamic musician has continued to progress with each album, most recently on two new LP releases with fellow artist, and long-time friend, DJ Pocket.

The albums were posted less than a week apart, for free download. Count and Pocket each provide their production and vocals respectively. The latter of the LPs, Hartsfield JAXson, is a dedication to JAX of Bikinis Rec's and features Atlanta-based MC's Eddie Meeks, Señor Kaos, Flux, and S.T.I.N.K.

01. Everyday Ritual
02. Cash On Delivery
03. Quid Pro Quo
04. Praise Me (feat. H2O and Flux)
05. Hit It Hard
06. Best Of Both Worlds (Freestyle)
07. It’s Just One of Those Days
08. Palease
09. X Sighted
10. Mazel Tov
11. New Day
12. DJ Pocket’s Diatribe
13. Surprise
14. Count’s Diatribe
15. Yo What’s Up
16. So Ambitious (Freestyle)

In the Loop

01. Hartsfield JAXson
02. More Music Less Talk
03. Gotta Have Soul (feat. H2O & Flux)
04. A New Decade
05. All Kinds of Things (feat. Eddie Meeks)
06. When I Blow Up
07. Better Not
08. DJ Pocket’s Diatribe 2
09. Fall Back (feat. H20 & S.T.I.N.K.)
10. Start To Finish
11. Elevation (feat. Eddie Meeks)
12. 8 Takes
13. You Madd (feat. H2O)
14. Count’s Diatribe 2
15. Open Up (feat. Señor Kaos)
16. Knotty Diatribe
17. He’s In Here

Hartsfield JAXson

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