Saturday, January 2, 2010

Therm & Soul & Friends - Adventures On Gunstar 9 (2010)

Therm & Soul are the electro hip-hop team of DJ Thermos and SoulDivide. Adventures On Gunstar 9 is an experimental project, but it also serves as an introduction to the Shindiggaz, a hip-hop supercrew consisting of Therm, Soul aka Burgundy Banana, Mr. Brink, Mr. E aka Greazy Duzit, Dutch Rollin' Rebel, and EMS aka Kid A.

Adventures On Gunstar 9 is just as it claims, an adventure. Therm wields chopped samples from Soul's favorite video game, Gunstar Heroes, and layers them with neck-breaking booms and kicks, as well as a variety of cuts and scratches. Soul's deep delivery and charismatic flow fill the beats to the max.

01. Gunstar#1 ft. Dutch Rollin Rebel
02. Gunstar#2 ft. Jaydubbs

03. Gunstar#3 ft. Greazy Duzit & Dutch Rollin Rebel
04. Gunstar#4 ft. Dutch Rollin Rebel & Greazy Duzit
05. Gunstar#5

06. Gunstar#6 ft. Mr. Brink & Greazy Duzit (mix#2)
07. Gunstar#7 ft. Mr. Brink, Dutch Rollin Rebel & Greazy Duzit
08. Gunstar#8 ft. Mr. E
09. Gunstar#9 ft. Mr. E
10. GunstarBonus#1(Shindig) ft. Mr. Brink & Greazy Duzit
11. GunstarBonus#2(One Shot Deal) ft. Dutch Rollin Rebel


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