Friday, February 5, 2010

Concrete Elete EP (1996)

I've been patiently waiting to post this gem from Pittsburgh's past-time. After a year of sifting through blogs and forums for obscure hip-hop vinyl, I decided to make a trip to the legendary Jerry's Records of Pittsburgh. The first record I picked out was Da Noe Doe Network's "Next Stop" 12", which I had recognized as a personal favorite from Diaz's blog. Already feeling priviledged to get this rarity for $3, I grabbed a couple more 12"'s and left with a smile on my face.

As an experienced hip-hop head and blog connesiour, any name that I didn't recognize stuck out. When I saw the Concrete Elete EP, I took a close look and saw that the contact number had Pittsburgh's 412 area code. "Sheeeeeiiiitt" I said, doing my best Clay Davis impression. Got the record, threw it on when I got home, and have been digging it since. Only problem was, I couldn't find any info on the crew.

Eventually, I came across this picture and recognized Jasiri X, a Pittsburgh native who has remained a significant artist locally while gaining props worldwide. That said, I contacted Jasiri and he dropped some knowledge on the record and the Concrete Elete crew.

According to Jasiri, this particular record was released around 1995 or '96. I'm not sure how many other releases the crew had, but he did inform me that they released an album in the late '90s. I'm hoping to get a hold of this album soon. But in the meantime, check out this classic from the depths of the Pittsburgh crates.


Concrete Side - Performed by Concrete Elete, produced by Asiatic.
01. Patten Leather (Street)
02. Patten Leather (Radio)
03. Patten Leather (Instrumental)
04. Survive (Street)
05. 32 Bars (Street)

Elete Side - Produced by Asiatic.
06. Put U D. (Street) - Performed by Roughside Players, Fat Man
07. Put U D. (Radio)
08. Put U D. (Instrumental)
09. One God (Radio) - Performed by Furious Styles (aka Jasiri X)
10. One God (Instrumental)


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dochiphop said...

yo Rory, i just found your blog through the posts you have dropped on the philaflava forum. I like what u got goin here man. Looking forward to hearing some Pittsburg hip hop now. Thanx