Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wintry Mix 2010

So, being that this mini blizzard stranded me in my house all day, I decided to get some things done. What I'm presenting to you now is a hip-hop mix I put together for the winter season. I've been meaning to make some mixes for a while now and this is hopefully the first of what will be many that get done this year.

I just listened to it after I made it, it's cold. Forty minutes of flavor.

I'm gonna do like Alkuttraz does and try to generate some activity here by having y'all put together the artists and song titles. Basically, if you know what the tracks are, leave a comment about it and I'll fill in the blank. I'll even start it off with the first and last tracks listed.

01. Ras Kass - Jack Frost (Test Press Version)
02. Roc Marciano - Snow
03. De La Soul - Millie Pulled A Pistol On Santa
04. Dynospectrum - Winter Moon
05. M.M.O. - Freeze
06. Mood - Illuminated Sunlight
10. Immortal Technique - Harlem Streets
11. Mixed Elements & The Bredrens - Northern Exposure
12. Da Cryptic One - Life After (Instrumental)



verge said...

02. roc Marciano - Snow
03. Dela Soul - Millie Pulled A Pistol On Claus
04. sounds like Atmosphere, pretty dope, Moonlight?
05. ??
06. ?? - Genuine (really dope, don't recognize)
07. ??
08. ?? - (nice beat, sounds like it sampled the same song as a Gangstarr
interlude, them pianos)
09. ??Immortal Tech - Homicide Harlem or Harlem Streets??
10. ?? - ??NOrthern Exposure?? (I know this one but can't remember, same sample as Diamond
D's Epilogue on Hatred Passions, etc..)

Nice winter mix. I always like to throw on BBO Enterprize's Dayz Like This in the winter.
Props and thanks.

Crates of AG said...

06 - mood "illuminated sunlight"



Rory said...

Damn Verge you only know half of them?!? Hah! If no one gets the remaining tracks within the week I'll post em...

kayn said...

05 - M.M.O. - Freeze