Friday, April 9, 2010

Gneticz - Japaneticz (2001)

First and foremost, I made this post about a year ago, and since the Stilltown buzz has grown, I wanted to re-post it. Also, I just posted the Classic 1824 mixtape release, Heavy Dosage Vol. 1. More from Classic 1824/RXC to come.

Although it was released in 2001, on Dirty Hat Productions, this is an album that I found only a few years ago. I was familiar with Gneticz' crew at the time, RXC/Classic 1824, and had just recently seen them open for Ghostface Killah. Impressed with their performance, I immediately recognized his name when I found the album at The Record Exchange (a store that sells new and used music/movies/other) in the South Side of Pittsburgh.

Both an emcee and producer, Gneticz' music is synonomous with the word "raw." Well-crafted instrumentals, laced with Wu-inspired percussion, make Gneticz' flows sound effortless. His production style is unique from anything that was coming out of Pittsburgh at the time of its release.

I was not surprised to learn that 'Neticz had recently worked with Wu-affiliates Holocaust (aka Warcloud aka Robot Tank aka too many others to list...), Bronze Nazareth, and Kevlaar 7. He has also provided beats for new music from fellow Classic 1824 members, Sha-King (Pgh) and Living Proofe (Pgh/Philly).

His hardcore boom-bap seperates him from other producers. You can hear new music from Gneticz on the Stilltown compilations. Be sure to watch out for his new album, Foreign Oil, which will be released in due time.

01. Cry Revenge
02. Prexie
03. Japan: Full Contact Special Edition
04. New Millienium
05. S.H.E.
06. Visual Artz

07. Asthma

08. Blade Runner
09. Laboratory Theme Music

10. Ultra Shock
11. Fried Chicken
12. Jacuzzi
13. Saymyname
14. Fell Victim
15. Blowin'

16. Riverz ov Blood
17. Seven

18. Meditationz

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