Monday, April 19, 2010

Spiega - Forgive Them Father (2010)

It's been a while since I've done a post about an artist without Pittsburgh connections, but today's may be a start of more to come. By now, most hip-hop fans are familiar with the work of Daniel Dumille. When Zev Love X returned to the hip-hop scene as MF Doom, he was part of a New York crew known as the Monsta Island Czars. The most notable emcees included were street legend MF Grimm, Kwite Def, Arron, and Tommy Gunn. Production was handled by Doom and X-Ray da Mindbenda. Each member took a Godzilla-themed alias, Doom as King Ghidra, Grimm as Jet Jaguar, Kwite Def as Kamackeris, Arron as Rodan, Tommy Gunn as Megalon, X-Ray as King Ceaser, and newcomers Kong, Gigan, and Spiega.

The focus of this post is Spiega. His deep, distinctive voice and monotonous delivery make him a unique talent. Unlike many of the groups members, Spiega has yet to release a solo album. However, he made several contributions to Kong's latest album, Shackles Off. Other ventures include his work on the Reavers's album Terror Firma.

I brought these discreet and scattered appearances together for a "best of" type album. Solo songs, group work, and guest features were included.

"Forgive them father, for they know not what they do." - Spiega's personal quote from the liner notes of the album Escape From Monsta Island!

01. True Beleavers (feat. Kong)
02. I Seen It All

03. Now That's Sweet

04. America (feat. Hasan Salaam & Akir)

05. Cross My Heart (feat. Kong)
06. Witchcraft (Remix) (feat. Monsta Island Czars)
07. Ride the Arrow (feat. King Ceasar)

08. Under Pressure (feat. Monsta Island Czars)
09. Broken Safety (feat. Kong & Ikon)
10. Genocide (feat. Billy Woods & Kong)
11. Kill Or Be Killed (feat. Kwite Def, Rio, & Foul Language)
12. Weasal (Do Or Die) (feat. Kong)
13. Die (feat. Megalon, Egyptian Queen, King Ceasar, Loch Ness, & Kong)

14. Witchcraft (feat. Monsta Island Czars)



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