Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Black Connection (2009)

As the Black Connection, Ayatollah Jaxx and Divine Seven take a different route than most. Only 35 minutes in length, the album strays from the unnecessary filler and proves that quality defeats quantity.

Jaxx and Sev are veterans, and leaders of the new school in Pittsburgh hip-hop. Getting your attention from the first word he spits, Jaxx is a lyrical hurricane that will surely have you rewinding the track. Sev brings a uniquely smooth, laid back delivery, along with catchy head-nodding hooks. Their complimentary styles create an ideal combination that is responsible for the refreshing sound heard on this album.

While the album explores the deepest essence of hip-hop in Pittsburgh, it can be appreciated by fans of the music worldwide. Unlike many albums released today, Black Connection maintains replay value. In addition to Jaxx and Sev, a collection of producers have invested their art to the project.

The album has soulful production from local favorite BusCrates, as well as contributions from Shade Cobain, J-Pad, TPM, Tone Beatz, and PMC/CJams. Normally, an album may struggle to vibe so perfectly with numerous producers, but that struggle is not heard here.

On "Happiness," a precisely chopped James Brown sample asks, "you know what happiness is?" Divine Seven replies, "It's a movement, man." This sums up Black Connection well. The album is uplifting and geared toward the progressive mindstate. It's up to the consumers to decide if this is a movement they will be part of.

01. Love <3 (Intro)(Prod. by BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble)
02. Black Gold (Prod. by BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble)
03. Regality (Prod. by BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble)
04. Wordplay (Prod. by J-Pad the Juggernaut)
05. Al Silla Al Sawdaa...
06. Happiness (Prod. by Shade Cobain/BusCrates 16-Bit Ensemble)

07. Live Together (Prod. by TPM)
08. City Lights (Prod. by Tone Beatz)
09. Laureate Sketch (Prod. by PMC/CJams)

10. Pitch Black (Prod. by PMC/CJams)


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