Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Nickel - Trendsettin' 2000 (1999)

The Nickel was an eight member group out of Pittsburgh, PA consisting of EZO, Pauly Poundstone, Joey Doe, Nikke' 5 Fingaz, G-Laz, Vashiti the Renegade, SD da Bad Seed, and Maze the Musical Professor. From what I remember, the group was well-publicized. The album is more cof a rap feel than hip-hop, similar to the Skeem Circle album I posted earlier. Not sure where at or what the group is doing today.

The Nickel - Trendsettin' 2000

01. Intro
02. Coffee
03. Million
04. So Many Scars
05. How We Do
06. No Love
07. Collect Call
08. Ride On
09. Money

10. Shoot da Breeze
11. Groove 2000
12. Obstacles
13. Can't Stop
14. Sticky Green
15. Outro
16. Bonus Track

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