Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Skeem Circle - Survival Tactics (1999)

Staying with the trend of Pittsburgh hip-hop, I bring to you the trio Skeem Circle. The group is formed by Legend, Boogimann, and Pakman. Legend serves as both an MC and producer for a majority of the joints, while the rest of the production is handled by Scoops or Bach. DJ E adds somes scratches throughout the album as well. The album provides a good mix of group and solo tracks.

01. Intro
02. Who's Up (Legend, Boogimann, Pakman)
03. Absolute (Pakman)
04. Picture Dis (Boogimann)

05. Marvelous (Legend, Jaymie)
06. Ruff Rhymes Raw (Pakman, Legend, Boogimann)

07. Catch Reck (Pakman)
08. 4 Minutes (Legend)
09. Who da Man Is (Boogimann)

10. Illy Shit (Boogimann, Pakman, Legend)
11. Pakman Did It (Pakman)
12. Verbal Punishment (Boogimann, Nate)

13. Show No Mercy (Legend)

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