Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ayatollah Jaxx - Hello Hip-Hop (2010)

You've seen the name right here on Stilltown a lot in the past few months. Well, the time has come, and the Ayatollah's debut album Hello Hip-Hop is now available.

GodSendant has two versions of the album. There is a free download version for the curious listener, and also a special edition priced at $5.99 for the supportive listener. The special edition features five additional songs, which are well worth the low selling price.

1. Mister Randy Watson (performed by Terry Jones)
2. Hello, Hip Hop (prod/feat Fundamental Of Good Company)
3. Aint It True (feat UnLearn) (prod TPM)

4. Shoe Horn (prod Chim Beatz)
5. I Will Not Lose (prod/feat Roscoe Wiki)
6. Nothing Like You Ever Heard (prod Chim Beatz)
7. Coming of Age (prod TPM)

8. Sound Boy (performed by Terry Jones)
9. Wha Gwan?! (Sound Boy Burrial) (prod Chim Beatz)

10. Probably Wack (prod BusCrates)
11. Bitter Sweet (feat R.A.H) (prod Chim Beatz)
12. Deen Tight (prod Chim Beatz)
13. This Is For The Radio (feat Jasiri X) (prod B-FreeDaMisfit)
14. Street Hop Remix (feat Living Proofe) (prod Chim Beatz)
15. Reflection (prod TPM)
16. Job Fair (prod Chim Beatz)
17. Pain (feat R.A.H) (prod Chim Beatz)
18. Ms. 416 (prod Fundamental)

Bonus Tracks
Children Of The Ghetto (prod TPM)
Where You From (feat APEX) (prod Chim Beatz)


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