Friday, March 12, 2010

Beenafactors - The Balcony (2010)

Beenafactors (Been-A-Factors) are Amen, GEO, J. Brown, and Rell Mac. Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, The Balcony is the crew's debut mixtape release. The production is laced with soulful samples and plays background to street savvy rhymes. These four MC's kick knowledge reminiscent of early State Property.


01. Can't Kill the Dreamer (Intro)
02. Show n Prove (J. Brown, Amen, GEO)
03. Fill Ya Mind (J. Brown, Amen, GEO, Rell Mac)
04. Wake Up Call (Amen)
05. The Block (Amen, J. Brown, Rell Mac, GEO)
06. Dope Fiend Blues (Interlude)
07. Confessions (GEO)

08. Same Route (J. Brown, GEO, Rell Mac)
09. My Brother (GEO)

10. Spaz Out (Amen, GEO, Rell Mac)
11. 4 Years Ago... (Rell Mac)
12. Family Bullshit (J. Brown, GEO, Amen, Mac)

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Christopher said...

Looks like music of pretty high quality. Ah, so many musical genres, so little time.

jermaine said...

hot shit keep blessn em wit dat real