Monday, March 22, 2010

Concrete Elete - Basic Instructions: Listen... and Repeat (199x)

Refer to my past post on Concrete Elete for more info on this Pittsburgh hip-hop crew. Basic Instructions was released around 1997-98, sadly I don't have any cover scans, if anyone can post 'em it would be appreciated. Regardless, the music is heat... Check out the highlighted tracks.

01. Intro
02. Dat First Shit
03. We Got U
04. Raw Dilly
05. Where U At
06. Interlude
07. Physical Anger
08. Khalifahs
09. I Don't Know
10. Takin Over

11. Fugitive

12. Concrete Veteran
13. Shinin
14. Patent Leather
15. Droppin Styles
16. Johanisburg

17. Survive
18. Concrete
19. Outro

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